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Derawan Islands, Indonesia.

Hello! So, it’s been like… 4 years since the last time I wrote something? Haha.
OK. I’m gonna write this in English cause I realize that my English sucks and I need to improve it. Practice makes perfect, no? Several months ago, on March 2015 to be exact, I had a chance to visit Derawan Islands in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. And here goes the story..
On 26 March, Anna, a German friend of mine, texted me at 2.14 AM. Yep. A freaking M. She said good morning (morning she said?!) and told me to get ready cause we had a flight to catch at 5 AM. Around 4 AM we already arrived at Soekarno Hatta and met other Kakaban (the name of the agency) tour’s participants.
After 2.5 hours flight from Jakarta to Tarakan we finally arrived in Kalimantan! Yeay! We had lunch and went straight to Derawan Islands by a boat with a crazy captain called Dwi with a boat named Dwi Putra.
We spent around 5 hours in the boat, with a crazy captain, on a high tide (I think it was because of the tide that we needed 5 h…